Our Staff

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Jan Sanders

Over the decades, Jan’s extensive training & experience in system programming, graphics, signage, space planning, and contract administration nurtured the evolution of Sanders-2000, Inc. With varied, yet weighted, experience in the architectural/construction industry, she transformed a small imagery firm into one of the most recognizable experiential graphic design firms in the Region.

Still Jan smiles broadly when referred to as the ‘Sign Lady’ for embedded in that endearing title is the affection earned from hundreds of successful design, branding, imaging, graphic and sign programs. Jan welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge, experience, and ‘turf stories’ with the industry­–as part of S2K’s ongoing continuing education programs.

Michael L. Sanders
CEO/ Contract Administrator

Michael has been there–step by step–having grown up in the design and construction industry. He received his first drafting board as a gift from his architect/Dad when only 4 years old and, literally, learned the industry from the ground up. He has earned certifications in Construction Documents Technology, Contract Administration, and Construction Specifications. A recognized specialist in construction documents, Michael joined with other in contract document experts to develop and implement the Little Rock Chapter CSI Certification Program, and functioned as an adjunct professor in ULAR’s Construction Management Program. He was recognized with the Institute’s highest education honor – the prestigious Norman J. Hunter Award.


In addition to Michael’s broad experience as a systems planner, specification writer, and contract administrator, he furthered his graduate student education with in-house production & job-site coordination with two of the world’s largest producers of architectural signage. Michael welcomes the opportunity to share industry guidelines and experiential programming information­–as part of S2K’s on going continuing education programs.

Contract Review
Jacob  ‘Jake’ Churchwell
President/ Projects Facilitator

Jake joined S2K in 2019 as a Design Associate and Photographer, rapidly ascending to leadership in less than two years.  During his initiation period, Jake was benignly referred to as ‘Faux President’ as his ability to transcend titles and work tasks, focusing intently on getting the job done right, frequently moved him ahead in the process. With years of experience handling an architectural firm’s computer assisted design service, coupled with hands on experience in a retail sign company, his dynamic personality and team building spirit instantly established him as a cohesive part of the S2K Team. Jake welcomes opportunities that insures S2K Clients/ Customers have all that is needed when making a decision concerning experiential graphics, sign systems, and marking products.

Carla S. Howe
Vice President of Marketing  District Facilitator

Carla has a unique connection with S2K in that her initial training in graphics was via the same advertising/marketing professional in Memphis, TN that provided crash courses in large format graphics for the Founder of S2K early in the 1980’s. Quite fond of the phrase  ‘back in the day’ Carla is enchanting when lecturing seemingly younger recruits on the way things were done before the age of computers. Although her experience does span a few years, her degree in graphic design and ongoing continuing education is fresh and futuristic in computer technology. An innate talent for art and design fuels her intense dedication to branding, imagery, experiential graphics, print media, and web-based marketing for 20-20 businesses. Carla welcomes the opportunity to influence the future in marketing design–while helping deal winning hands to S2K clients and customers.

Jerry Sanders
Architect Emeritus/ Artist in Residence

Jerry adds an incredible amount of education and design & building experience to the S2K Team. While serving fifteen years as Arkansas’ 1st State Architect he was responsible for establishing design criteria and construction standards for Arkansas’ buildings. With decades of experience as a leader in the architectural community/construction industry, Jerry is a strong resource in construction principles, design thought, and artistry.